Máy thổi khí Aerzen Turbo thế hệ 5plus (+)

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Máy thổi khí Aerzen Turbo thế hệ 5plus (+)



With the new generation Aerzen Turbo G5plus AERZEN has developed the most compact and efficient turbo in its class.

The Aerzen Turbo G5plus series now presented lives up to its name because of the various advantages it provides. The new turbos have an extremely compact design and require very little space. Another outstanding feature is the innovative AERZEN air foil bearings with double coating and the new multilevel frequency converter technology (> 55 kW), which reduces the heat loss in the motor to a minimum, improving the total efficiency significantly. Additionally, an extra motor throttle or a sine filter, which have to be used on conventional frequency converters, is no longer necessary.

The new air foil bearings with double coating consisting of Teflon and graphite, has also been significantly improved. It proves this through an increased temperature resistance and lifetime of > 80,000 hours of operation independently from start and stop cycles.

Aerzen Turbo G5plus is offered for volume flows from 300 m³/h to 8,400 m³/h and for a maximum pressure of 1,000 mbar. Eight sizes from the small AT 25-0.8 G5plus to the largest model AT 200-1.0 G5plus are currently available, five more are in preparation.

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